Jam Sessions

Make music for fun & learning. Publish if you want!

Audio & Video & Everything Else

Audio Mastering

We do the highest quality masters this side of Portland. Or wherever Ludwig is now.


We will mix any source and do it well, and you can watch, and learn.


Honestly if you pay for studio time to simply track, then you have multiple things going on.

Video Postproduction

Full 8K HDR and beyond.
We’re in the process of being able to print the first 12K Dual-HDR to Ultra-Blu-Ray

Video Editing & Motion

We all have the same tools now. We just know how to use them better. You pay us to use them, better.

Digital Filming

Yes that’s a bit oxymoronic. We have RED, SONY X55, a few full-frame DSLRs. We have what you need to shoot.

Watch Some of Our Tutorial Videos

Learn everything you ever wanted to know (and didn’t know you wanted to know) about audio, video, and many different methods and techniques for production. You’ll learn so much you won’t even feel like paying to come to our studio!


People are talking about 5 Lilac

“I basically learned how to write songs here. I was lucky enough to be friends with the owners, and we would just smoke and drink and trip and have tons of fun making weird noises. I have zero musical talent. But I wrote a lot of early lyrics for *******”

Cole Peck, Gettysburg

“This is a really special place. When any studio in the world just isn’t cutting it I like to go into this dank basement home studio. The Mesa mark iv in the room is the best sounding amp I’ve ever heard.”

Ernest Anastasio, NYC

“It’s funny that I can pick from hundreds of people online who will master my song for five dollars. This is like the only place left around here that knows what mastering is really all about. Probably my 2 best sounding records here.”

David Conway, Monarch

“It’s definitely a “basement studio” but it has so much charm and is so comfortable that I work better and sound better than some larger and much more expensive places. Like, okay, they don’t have a grand piano, but doesn’t everyone have like 100 good grand pianos via software?”

Andrew Fenton, Ashton

Free Audio/Video Courses

With purchase of ultra deluxe everything recording mixing mastering premium pack. We just can’t keep having you over fucking with our computers, Brian.

Premium Production Courses

I know I’m repeating myself from somewhere else on this site, but really, the metaphor for an amusement park could not be more apt and it’s bugging me.